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Celebrating as a family member graduates from high school and attends college is the culmination of years of hard work and a joyous event. Paying for college, however, remains a significant source of stress for many households.
If you’re just starting out, financial advice is easy to find. Fast forward to nearing 60 and thinking about wrapping up your career, and suddenly just about every financial pitch you’ll hear screams “retirement.”
A lot of people are stressed out about a lot of things right now. Markets are down. Prices are up for many of the things we need to buy. News headlines about possible economic turmoil ahead are making it a confusing time to consider major financial decisions. Add to this the lingering stresses of the pandemic, the health of loved ones, and a job situation – and it makes for a pretty unsettling time.
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Being a first-time homebuyer isn’t quite as easy as it looks—especially if you’re a young professional with a budding family, an emerging career, perhaps some student loans or consumer debt to tackle, and an ever-growing list of financial priorities vying for your paycheck.
Remember being a kid and thinking, “I can’t wait to grow up and do whatever I want?” Well, it’s safe to say if you’re reading this, you’ve arrived. Now you are the personal CEO of your own life. You get to call the shots. You decide what’s important, what happens next, when, in what order, and why. But, naturally, many of your decisions will be dependent upon available cash flow, which is why cash flow planning should really be at the heart of all the important decisions you make.
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The past two years have subjected us all to unprecedented levels of stress and strain, both financial and otherwise. Over half of the respondents to a recent online survey of nearly 3,000 adults by NextAdvisor felt somewhat-to-very anxious about their finances. Curiously, these responses were given in spite of recent strong stock market performance and in the midst of one of the most robust hiring environments of the past decade.

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