Life with wealth is a both/and adventure...

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The Connected Partnership

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The Dynamic Wealth Journey

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The Whole of You

The Whole of You

Sophisticated money is 360° aware.

It starts with a Personal Financial Framework that integrates a deep understanding of where you want to go with the technical knowledge of how to get there.

1. We begin with an inventory of your financial resources and a map of how money flows through your life.

2. Next, we explore your perspective about — and how you typically make decisions about — money. The messages and unspoken assumptions that you bring, along with your vision about your future.

3. Finally, we look for knowledge gaps that may be of particular importance to you. Where desired, we help broaden your perspective and increase your confidence in dealing with the world of money.

Combining these elements creates a Personal Financial Framework that allows you to better distinguish between what’s right for you and what you can let go. No more decision angst to drain your time, money, and emotional energy. And no more ineffective assortment of financial products. Best of all, it’s flexible and dynamic, a uniquely powerful tool for dealing with change, minimizing risk, and maximizing your financial opportunity set.

The Dynamic Wealth Journey

It’s easy to think of managing wealth in terms of only two key decisions: choosing the right expert to work with, and then picking the right products. In fact, however, you play a much bigger role in your personal financial outcomes than you realize. It’s not simply about buying this or that product. It’s about knowing where you truly want to go and consistently acting in ways that will get you there.
What’s too often missing is the ability fully understand and truly integrate all your resources — personal as well as financial — in a clear and focused way, over time. When you make decisions using your Personal Financial Framework, you’ll do so with an intellectual understanding of what will work best for you as well as the emotional commitment to see your strategy through. No more draining your time, energy, commitment, and money on things that don’t matter. And your framework gets better with use. Your understanding will deepen, both of financial matters and of your own aspirations. You’ll become more comfortable exploring financial choices and increasingly proficient at making the progress you want. Your world of financial opportunity will become simpler and more expansive at the same time. And when the world changes, you’ll be ready to adapt and continue to thrive.

Your world of financial opportunity will become simpler and more expansive at the same time.

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The Connected Partnership

Thinking well is a team sport. And when thought partnership comes before action, it has a greater impact on financial results than hot products or cool trends.

Finally, we can reach out to our many professional connections to augment our team in a way that is right for each client’s specific circumstances. If you need a highly specialized service or input, we will help you find the right person.

At Griffin Black, client relationships are a place to proactively deepen knowledge, creatively solve problems, and capture new opportunities. We’re a sounding board and a thought partner. Investing plays its rightful role as one piece of a bigger picture, but not the sole focus.

We also provide proactive and thoughtful operational follow-through. Many firms will promise implementation, but in reality there’s an unfortunate lack of attention to sound execution and the ongoing management that’s needed to make your decisions truly effective. We are your project manager and advocates for authentic follow-through.

What can we help you find?

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