It’s About Your Life

Managing your financial life entails much more than managing a portfolio or deciding which financial product to buy. It all begins with an understanding of who you are and what you are trying to achieve in your life and with your money.

At Griffin Black, our goal is to understand the context of your values and your life goals when we recommend financial products and solutions to you. In addition to your financial resources, you have personal capital, family & social capital, and a life or spiritual orientation that is important to you, and therefore relevant to how we want to help you manage your money.


Some firms think the job of a financial planner is to create a large document with complex recommendations that they deliver to their client. That’s not how we operate. At Griffin Black, we approach financial planning as a process rather than an event. We also see it as a partnership – a collaborative process – with each of our clients. Like almost any activity that one devotes one’s energies to, it becomes easier, better, and richer over time.


Every task is made easier by the right tools. These tools include state-of-the-art automated expense tracking, integrated asset & liability tracking, collaborative financial modeling, and “what-if” scenario building. We also seek out specialized products and services to make available to clients, many at no additional charge.


A famous scientist invented the term “punctuated equilibrium” to describe the process of evolution. In evolutionary history, he argued, there are very long periods of time when nothing much changes, but then there are also brief periods when momentous changes occur very quickly and sometimes without warning. In our experience, managing your personal financial life tends to be like this. Much of your financial life will consist of managing the day-to-day. Yet when the need for evolutionary change arises, the decisions you make – perhaps quickly and under great stress – will have outsized and long-term consequences. Most individuals aren’t prepared to address such challenges. Our goal is to help clients face these moments calmly and with the confidence that comes from having understood and considered the likely long-term consequences of each option.