Jane Beule

When Concentration Isn’t Good for You 
We’ve all heard the adage: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” In fact, this concept is the cornerstone of one of the most important concepts for successful long-term investing: diversification. But for a few years now, many investors have taken a different approach: “Put all your eggs in one basket, and watch that basket very carefully.”
The Importance of Staying in Your Seat When the Roller Coaster is Moving
A key lesson to be learned from challenging market environments like these is that long-term investment success requires steadiness. It’s the price we pay for those 8% – 10% average long-term historical returns. And that’s why it’s so important to never focus on or overreact to short-term market movements, especially over a single day.
Do You Know Your RISA®? Retirement Income Style Awareness 
It’s a well-known fact that people come in all shapes, sizes, and dispositions. Take a close look around at any family reunion and you’ll see it: the crazy aunt who drives too fast and laughs all the time; the bespectacled cousin who always looks like he’s adding a column of numbers, even when he’s talking to you; the grandfather who thinks the sky is always falling; the middle-aged mom who seems to not have a care in the world. And the list goes on.  
Light at the End of the Inflation Tunnel?
The latest inflation readings from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, released August 10, came as a relief to both financial markets and consumers, as they appeared to indicate some cooling off in the recent rapid rise in prices. The 8.5% rise in consumer prices came in below analysts’ expectations, largely as a result of lower energy prices. 
Waiting Out the Bear: Market Roundup
“How long?” That’s the question on many investors’ mind as we pass the halfway point of 2022. Since its highs last January, the broad equities market in the US, as measured by the S&P 500, fell just over 23% by mid-June, fulfilling the classic definition of a bear market. Since then, the index has clawed back about 6% of the loss, closing (at this writing) a bit below the 4,000 mark.
So What’s Your Plan?
A lot of people are stressed out about a lot of things right now. Markets are down. Prices are up for many of the things we need to buy. News headlines about possible economic turmoil ahead are making it a confusing time to consider major financial decisions. Add to this the lingering stresses of the pandemic, the health of loved ones, and a job situation – and it makes for a pretty unsettling time.

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