Who are Griffin Black clients?

Some Griffin Black clients have multimillion-dollar portfolios as well as significant non-financial assets. Others are young professionals or entrepreneurs just beginning to build wealth. What Griffin Black clients have in common is a dedication to personal growth and a determination to be responsible for their own financial future. They are savvy enough to know that their money needs to be managed and that a financial planner will be able to help them secure they future they want to see. Beyond that, their goals and visions for their lives are as varied as their own personalities. Some are looking forward to a quiet retirement in which they can focus on family after years of paying their dues in the corporate world. Others are gearing up for travel and adventure. Still others want to take full advantage of their entrepreneurial opportunities now or help ensure that their growing families will have adequate resources in the future. Whatever their goals, Griffin Black clients have demonstrated a willingness to actively strive for a financial future of their own choosing and have sought out a professional support system to assist them in the effort. We welcome clients who have such a vision for themselves — or who would like to develop one — because we see our work as essentially collaborative. We do not simply manage money. We seek to enable our clients to make better financial decisions for themselves and their families, and then we partner with them to help implement those decisions.

Our Clients

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