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The Unmatched Power of Compound Interest
As financial advisors, we often talk about different tools investors can use to earn money, save money, and even protect their money. Some of these tools include access to alternative investment options, some are tax saving strategies, others are legacy protection techniques. But of all the tools we talk about, and of all the benefits different tools can offer, there is one that trumps them all.
Looking for success? Look inside the box inside the box.
Simple is good, right? If you want to get something, the direct approach is best. Yes, simple is good, but simplistic is not. Many times the straightforward approach gets you exactly the opposite of what you actually want. The world we live in is complex, largely unknown (to each individual in it), and full of feedback loops and consequences….
The Positive Power of ‘No’
“No” has gotten a bad rap. When we hear ‘no’ we tend to associate it with bad things, negative outcomes, not being able to do or get something. But ‘no’ has another side – a creative, positive, enabling side – and one we shouldn’t lose sight of. The fact is that, as much as people may dislike it, the world is full of choices and limits. And without a willingness to say ‘no’ to some things we can never truly say ‘yes’ to other things….
What To Do With Your RSUs
With the competition for quality employees growing, many companies have turned to equity compensation as a way to attract and retain talent. Currently, the most common form of equity compensation is restricted stock units (RSUs). And while RSUs may seem straightforward, they are also frequently misunderstood, especially by employees who have previously dealt with options and who therefore may not completely grasp how the two vehicles differ.
Make 2022 Your Happy Money Year
The past two years have subjected us all to unprecedented levels of stress and strain, both financial and otherwise. Over half of the respondents to a recent online survey of nearly 3,000 adults by NextAdvisor felt somewhat-to-very anxious about their finances. Curiously, these responses were given in spite of recent strong stock market performance and in the midst of one of the most robust hiring environments of the past decade.

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