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Inflation has been one of the hottest topics in economic news throughout 2023. Maybe you have read about inflation in the news or talked about the most recent data at the proverbial water cooler. If you have not heard about the recent bout of inflation, you have certainly felt its effects. Maybe that’s led you to ask questions like “why do we have inflation?” It is a good question, and one that has a very meaningful impact on your financial goals.
Picture this scenario: You have finished a grueling interview process. After days of studying and fielding questions in front of the mirror, you finally get the offer. The job is a perfect fit for you, the salary looks great, and you even get some nice benefits! On your first day, your HR representative asks if you want to take advantage of the company’s 401(k) plan.
It’s not an uncommon scenario for a young professional: you go to work for a company that is growing rapidly – maybe a high-tech startup or some other enterprise that is expanding aggressively into a well-defined business niche. The company does well, and the profits start rolling in. Before too long,
I have heard it before, ‘Insurance is a scam. I pay for it every month and yet I may never even use it!’ Buying insurance can often seem like an “extra” or a “nice to have” type of expense. After all, the only time most insurance pays is if something bad happens, right?
Have you ever heard people say things like, “The market was up today,” or “I just looked at the news, and my stocks are all down”? Or maybe you’ve seen headlines like “Investors Moving into Bonds as Rates Fall,” or “Index ETFs Gain in Popularity.” Maybe you’ve wondered about this unfamiliar language that other people seem to understand. Maybe you wish you understood more about it yourself.
Benjamin Franklin said it a couple of hundred years ago, and it’s still true today: the two inevitabilities are death and taxes.

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