Executives & Professionals

Corporate Executives

Senior executives need more than a retirement plan. They need a financial advisor who understands how to help them maximize their long-term wealth with a minimum of disruption to their hectic lives. They may have an investment portfolio that is heavily concentrated in a particular stock or industry and need to know how to manage the risks and opportunities inherent in such a situation. They may receive special, one-time bonus payouts and need different tax strategies in such years. They may want to consider an oversees assignment and need to understand what the financial consequences, and opportunities, of such a career move might be. Whatever their particular needs, theirs is seldom a business-as-usual retirement puzzle.

The particular needs of executives that we can assist with include:

  • Executive compensation
  • Stock options strategies
  • Career transition strategies
  • Tax efficient supplemental retirement savings

Working Professionals

Though their work is finding solutions to problems, professionals often forget to pay attention to their own financial health. Many begin their professional careers with considerable debt that they need to manage. They frequently have enhanced needs for asset protection. They almost always have too little time to research and implement effective saving and investment strategies themselves, though they may be interested in doing so.

In particular, a financial advisor from Griffin Black can assist professionals with:

  • Getting and staying on track financially in spite of a heavy work load
  • Leveraging company benefits
  • Implementing appropriate asset protection strategies
  • College planning & funding for children
  • Supplementing tax-advantaged savings strategies if appropriate

What can we help you find?

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  • Budgeting & Spending
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