Does Your Cash Flourish?

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Even though it doesn’t earn you much return over time, every investor knows that cash is an important component of your overall financial strategy. Beyond providing liquidity for ongoing transactional needs, every household needs to hold cash as a reserve for emergencies. In addition, many experienced investors use cash accounts…

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Why Fed Tapering Shouldn’t Alarm Long-Term Investors

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Markets are increasingly concerned about tighter monetary policy by the Fed and its impact on valuations, interest rates and more. Recent FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) meeting minutes confirmed that the Fed could slow its balance sheet expansion within the next few months and this week’s virtual Jackson Hole Economic Symposium could provide more clarity around future rate hikes. How can long-term investors navigate the policy changes and economic uncertainty that lie ahead?

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Why Investors Need Perspective When Markets Decline

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As it often does, the stock market has hit a rough patch due to concerns around the delta variant, economic growth, interest rates and more. Although no two market pullbacks are exactly alike, there have already been several periods of short-term volatility this year in response to similar headlines. For long-term investors, it’s important to remember that these setbacks are a natural, expected, and manageable part of investing.

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