Foundations for Growth: 7 Ideas for Driving Small Business Revenue Growth in an Uncertain Economy

June 23, 2022

We were pleased to host a conversation with an expert in the field of developing small businesses — Carter Welch, a Business Growth Sherpa with the Shirlaws Group.

Having guided many companies (small and large) seeking growth, Carter shared several powerful ideas to grow revenue, profit, and company value for small companies, focused on strategies that work especially well in times of uncertain economies. Great ideas executed poorly always fail — Carter shared strategies that you can actually implement, without bringing in an army of resources to execute.

Watch the Recording

Carter Welch is a Business Coach/Consultant with an additional specialization as a fractional CMO. He works with small business owners (start-up to $20 million in revenue) to help them grow, thrive, and prosper. A former Marketing, Sales, and General Management executive at companies like Procter & Gamble & Pillsbury, Carter has broad experience with service, manufacturing, and technology companies. He has helped businesses attain as much as ten-fold increases in revenue and guided others to sell their company for tremendous value resulting in generational wealth for their families. Carter finds that most business owners don’t lack for ideas — in fact, their challenge is typically too many ideas, and not enough time. Serving as their Business Sherpa, Carter helps owners simplify and focus so they can scale the mountains that represent their dreams and vision for their business. A former business owner, Carter guides owners in areas of growth, profitability, leadership, people management, launching initiatives, and driving change throughout their organizations. Together with his wife Tracey, Carter has raised three amazing young men all in service-oriented careers — therapy, medicine, and ministry. In his spare time, Carter serves as a youth group leader to high school students and loves to compete in triathlons.

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