Manju George

Chief Compliance Officer & Director of Operations
Manju George

Manju George joined Griffin Black in 2013, inspired by our client-centered vision to build a better financial advising experience, to plan towards financial independence, and to partner and inform financial decisions.

As Director of Operations, she continues to be instrumental in building Griffin Black, ensuring the company operates with the highest integrity and commitment to its clients. She champions adoption of operational best practices in the operations team and ensures essential support to the advisory team in delivering excellent service. In addition, as she takes on additional responsibilities as CCO, she is focused on building an environment that upholds the integrity of a fiduciary, maintaining regulatory standards and reducing risks to help safeguard the company and its clients.

In a rapidly evolving financial landscape, she has been and remains committed to sustainable growth and success for the team and clients of Griffin Black.

Professional Degrees & Credentials

  • MA, International Business, Webster University (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • BA, Business Administration, Webster University (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • BA, Psychology, Webster University (Geneva, Switzerland)


I am what is often termed a third-culture kid, having lived in multiple countries, and grown up with these unique experiences. I have had the privilege of learning from people across the globe while building a network of meaningful relationships. I believe in the empowerment that comes with financial education. I champion the power of people to commit to learning and having agency over their lives. I continue to learn as I, with my spouse, raise another generation – my grit, resolve and humor have come in quite handy. Juggling this live wire of life is something I take pride in.

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