Kyla SyCip


Kyla SyCip

Kyla was born and raised in the Bay Area where she studied General Management and Marketing Management at California State University, East Bay. Having experience in leadership and small business operations, she continued her studies at the University of California, Riverside and received a Master of Business Administration. In between her education time, Kyla served as a human resources intern for her previous university and a financial administrative intern for a wealth management firm in Oregon. She aims to spread more awareness on wealth management to her fellow Bay Area locals and is eager to help clients achieve financial freedom.

Professional Degrees & Credentials

  • BS, General Management & Marketing Management, California State University, East Bay
  • MBA, University of California, Riverside


I come from a family of small businesses, primarily in the cycling industry! I competed for many years in mountain biking, and you may still catch me at a local race (or two) during the summers. I spend as much time as I can on the bike and when I’m not, I enjoy rock climbing and camping with my friends and family.

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