Griff Coleman

Technical Operations
Griff Coleman

Griff brings experience from both enterprise software product management and qualitative innovation research to building out Griffin Black’s process automation infrastructure. He began his career as a cultural anthropologist, earning a Ph.D. from Columbia University based on a study of kinship and work organization in a remote village in North Sumatra. He then worked for almost two decades in Silicon Valley companies developing enterprise software.

In the back half of his career Griff returned to research as a principal at boutique design research consultancy Point Forward, Inc. At Griffin Black, Griff’s goal is to help the firm devote as much personal attention as possible to unique client needs by minimizing the burden of essential administrative processes.

Professional Degrees & Credentials

  • PhD, Anthropology, Columbia University
  • MPhil, Anthropology, Columbia University
  • MA, Anthropology, Columbia University
  • BA, Anthropology, University of California at Los Angeles


Once a year or so I relish being able get away on a fishing trip. Fly fishing for trout is my favorite. I started when I was in Boy Scouts, and we took backpacking trips into the Sierras. Looking back now, I have a kind of reverence for the chance to catch a few golden trout in that setting and that time. I like the solitude, being on a stream or small river, reading the flow to know where the trout are likely to be, testing and improving some simple physical skills — and occasionally catching a fish. Count me in the catch-and-release crowd, mostly because you don’t have the hassle of cleaning what you catch.

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Griffin Black Portal

  • Investment Reporting
  • Meeting Notes
  • Account Statements
  • Single Signon to eMoney
  • Billing Statements
  • Document Sharing
  • Tax Statements (1099s, etc)

emX / eMoney

  • Financial Planning Tool
  • Account Aggregator
  • Budgeting & Spending


  • e-Delivery – Going Paperless
  • Tax Documents (1099, 1099R, etc.)
  • Account Statements
  • Pershing Communications