Sustainable Investing without the Pain

March 24, 2021

We joined Jake DeKinder and discussed how to design an investment strategy that would help the planet without shortchanging your portfolio.

Over the past several years, the idea of an investment strategy designed to promote a healthy planet has moved from being a niche project into the investing mainstream. But what exactly does “sustainable investing” mean? How should one measure results? And (how) can we meet environmental goals without compromising fundamentals of prudent – and successful – investment practices?

Jake DeKinder, Head of Advisor Communication at Dimensional Fund Advisors, talked about DFA’s success with real world portfolios that promote environmentally beneficial outcomes. Some of the questions he addressed were:

  • How can we align our desire to help the environment with investment fundamentals?
  • What are the three components of “ESG,” and how do they relate to sustainability?
  • Do I need to sacrifice investment performance to invest in more sustainable companies?
  • What metrics should we use to identify the least and most sustainable companies?
  • How should we measure the results of sustainable investment strategies?
  • How do large investment managers like Dimensional Fund Advisors incorporate sustainability into their stock and bond mutual funds?

As Head of Client Communication at Dimensional Fund Advisors, Jake DeKinder helps develop the messaging and communication strategy for the global client group. In this role, he interacts closely with clients and advisors to understand their needs and challenges and best align the resources of Dimensional to produce content and materials that will support advisors in their business. A CFA Charterholder, Jake earned his MBA and MPA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin and his BBA from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University.


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