October 10, 2022

Griffin Black - Retirement Getting Beyond the Numbers  
The popular image of retirement tends to emphasize numbers: a balance in a 401(k) or IRA; a date on the calendar; a quantity of years with the company; a pension plan vesting schedule. For most of us, the questions we ask ourselves as we approach retirement also tend to focus on concepts of numbers and quantity: Do I have enough saved? How much debt should I pay off? What will my medical costs be? What kind of budget should I set? And on it goes. 

What can we help you find?

Griffin Black Portal

  • Investment Reporting
  • Meeting Notes
  • Account Statements
  • Single Signon to eMoney
  • Billing Statements
  • Document Sharing
  • Tax Statements (1099s, etc)

emX / eMoney

  • Financial Planning Tool
  • Account Aggregator
  • Budgeting & Spending


  • e-Delivery – Going Paperless
  • Tax Documents (1099, 1099R, etc.)
  • Account Statements
  • Pershing Communications