April 2022

For long-term investors, facing periods of geopolitical risk is unavoidable. Headlines on regional and global conflicts can be alarming since they disrupt the typical flow of business and market news. These events are also difficult to analyze and their outcomes challenging to predict. Of course, this doesn’t stop many short-term traders from talking about….
Remember being a kid and thinking, “I can’t wait to grow up and do whatever I want?” Well, it’s safe to say if you’re reading this, you’ve arrived. Now you are the personal CEO of your own life. You get to call the shots. You decide what’s important, what happens next, when, in what order, and why. But, naturally, many of your decisions will be dependent upon available cash flow, which is why cash flow planning should really be at the heart of all the important decisions you make.
Yes, No,Maybe,Pen,And,Tick,Boxes,On,White
“No” has gotten a bad rap. When we hear ‘no’ we tend to associate it with bad things, negative outcomes, not being able to do or get something. But ‘no’ has another side – a creative, positive, enabling side – and one we shouldn’t lose sight of. The fact is that, as much as people may dislike it, the world is full of choices and limits. And without a willingness to say ‘no’ to some things we can never truly say ‘yes’ to other things….

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