Holistic Wealth Management

Because we work with our clients on a long-term basis, we charge retainer fees. Unlike hourly fees, our clients’ retainer fees don’t go up unexpectedly if we’re working on a big project for them, so they know what to expect. In general, we base our fees on the age and financial complexity of each client. Younger clients with simpler financial lives can engage us for an affordable fee, while more mature (and affluent) clients with more complex needs still pay less than they would at many other firms.

Our regular retainer fees cover the full range of our holistic financial advisory services, including both financial planning and investment management services. Clients never pay “extra” for core financial planning services.1 For most clients this includes goal planning, lifetime cash flow planning, risk management, retirement and Social Security planning, long-term care planning, tax planning, college savings, and estate planning – in addition to portfolio management.

Our minimum retainer fees2 for new clients of different age groups are shown here. We do not require a minimum portfolio size as a prerequisite for working with a client. However, the fees we charge may be higher than the minimums shown, depending on the financial complexity of the client. We measure that complexity, very approximately, by the size of each client’s investment portfolio in addition to their base fee. To estimate a client’s actual expected annual fee, simply multiply their investible assets by the AUM rates shown below and add that number to the base fee. Clients whose portfolio reaches a certain size no longer pay a base retainer fee.

We have special pricing programs for parents and children of current clients, as well as clients in special circumstances. Please see us for details.

We may negotiate different fee arrangements for clients in unusual circumstances.

Standalone Investment Management

Standalone investment management fees are computed as a percentage of assets under management (AUM). Fees are based on an annual cycle but are calculated and assessed quarterly, in arrears. Rates in effect decline as the total size of the portfolio increases, as described below. AUM fees apply to standalone investment management services in addition to being one of the components of the holistic wealth management fee schedule described above.

Standard AUM fee schedule (portfolios larger than $500,000 and holistic wealth clients)

  • 1.00% of the first $500,000
  • 0.85% of the next $1,500,000
  • 0.70% of the next $2,000,000
  • 0.60% of the next $3,000,000
  • 0.50% of the remaining funds or as agreed upon

1 Our core service offering does change with a client’s age and financial complexity. Please contact us for details.

2 Most clients also pay a modest one-time, up-front set up fee. Regular retainer fees begin at the end of the first quarter of the engagement.